May 2014 | Global Health + Multi-Specialty Care = Everybody Wins

When I visited Gode for the first time in 2012, there were no resources for medical service here. On that first visit, we had to provide care in one of the mud huts that had no electricity or even an exam bed, table or chairs. Through continued collaboration with the ministries of health and education, and advocacy by the village residents themselves, the local governments allocated funding not just for improved roads and a health outpost, the government also staffed the facility with mid-level health promoters and a midwife. We have learned so much from this local team, from how they organize and educate a community that has little to no health literacy, to how they are able to do so much for their patients with such meager resources. It’s fulfilling to have been able to provide much-needed medications and care this for the community on this mission. At the same it’s also quite humbling to realize that we can do so much more.” Maureen Strohm, MD
Family Medicine Physician, EHA Medical Volunteer

EHA provides free medical services to rural Ethiopia twice a year. Be assured that EHA’s projects are a welcome addition to the local government’s rural development plan. Our network of federal, state and non-government resources ensure the timely and effective implementation of our initiatives. For EHA’s medical mission on May 5 – 30, 2014, we partnered with AmeriCares to provide multiple cargo boxes of assorted medications and supplies.

Mission Results

  • From our original mission of 2 medical volunteers, we have grown our delegation to 22 volunteers this year.
  • The Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital team consisted of 12 participants providing specialist medical, nursing, pharmacy and ancillary care. It is our largest contingent from a single organization to date.
  • At Adama General Hospital in the city of Adama, we treated 352 patients (outpatient clinic and inpatient) and performed 48 eye surgeries and 90 life-saving general surgeries.
  • In the village of Gode, we provided medical care to 1,500 patients — most of whom had never seen a doctor in their lives.
  • In addition to our medical work, the team also provided 300 soccer balls for the high school and surrounding primary schools in rural Ethiopia.
  • This trip also saw the fulfillment of our library project, where we provided 700 reference books for the only highschool in the area.
  • Administered free medications to 1,140 patients in rural Ethiopia.
  • Sponsored 2 medical students to Adama Medical College and 15 highschool graduates to Ethiopia Adventist College.

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