December 2014 | Mind, Body, Spirit

For this mission, we worked closely with the builders and the designers of Dr. Hinika’s Health Campus, Negele Arsi Hospital and Health College. Just a few miles away were two other mission sites, Gode Health Center and Kuyera Community Clinic At both sites, we identified and sponsored a number of patients eligible for surgery at Adama Hospital, 4 hours away. Unfortunately the distance was too far for most of these patients (in spite of the transportation allowance provided as part of the sponsorship). I truly believe that Dr. Hinika’s hospital will make a big difference in the lives of people in this community. A hospital close to home will save more lives. Suzanne Cutter, MD
Oncologic Surgeon, EHA Medical Volunteer

The December team focused on bringing health to the mind, body and spirit. EHA collaborated with the Oromo Seventh Day Adventist team and deployed their first-ever Medical and Spiritual Mission. In Gode Village, Katreena Salgado, our COO, received a tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime honor from the community. In appreciation of Katreena’s love for the families and children in particular, the community leaders and parents’ school council recognized her by naming the elementary school after her — and “gave” her all 1,700 village kids. We are so proud of her!

Mission Results

  • Spiritual missions at Negele Arsi, Southern Oromia and Gimbie, West Oromia
  • Treated more than 300 patients in Gode Village Health Center
  • Treated more than 200 patients in Kuyera Adventist Clinic (new location)
  • Treated more than 700 patients in Western Oromia
  • Team-sponsored life-saving surgeries to provide for 96 patients
  • Arrival of 2 ambulances for Adama General Hospital and for Negele Arsi Hospital
  • Site visit and inspection of Negele Arsi Health Campus and Staff residences
  • Review and evaluation of scholarships and student performance at Adama Medical College and Ethiopia Adventist College

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