August 2012 | Sharing Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care

The EHA team changed my life. Dr. Alex’s miracle surgery to rebuild my ear was just the start of the wonderful care that I received. I was greatly touched by the team’s humanity, compassion and loving spirit.Atikelt Mengistu Patient
EHA-sponsored surgical patient

A team of highly-skilled, results-focused patient advocates was deployed for the August 2012 mission. Making up the team were surgeons, anesthesiologist, primary care and resident physicians, a neurosurgery PA, as well as nurses and other technical specialists. This mission was special in that team performed highly technical follow up exams of the ear reconstruction case that was performed in March. They also treated a number of life-saving surgeries. Most importantly, they spent time coaching the local staff in patient care management, nursing anesthesiology techniques, and CPR.

As part of their visit to Gode Village, the team brought soccer balls the high school, and such educational materials as geographical and anatomical maps, as well as 900 hundred dictionaries for the library. With medications provided by Adama General Hospital, the team conducted the first remote area medical clinic and screenings in make-shift huts and tents.

EHA deployed a team of 10 medical volunteers. Working with the local medical team at Adama General Hospital, they provided primary care and outpatient services to more than 200 patients a day. The cases they treated ranged from traumatic orthopedic traumas to high risk obstetrical care and deliveries.

Mission Results

  • Traumatic orthopedic surgery
  • Follow up care for ear reconstruction patient
  • Life-saving high risk obstetric care and delivery
  • Provided life-saving surgical and medical care to 200 patients per day
  • Educational materials — books, maps, soccer balls — for Gode High School and Librabry
  • Remote area medical clinic and screenings — medications, physician examinations and referrals to Adama Hospital

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