Sightseeing | FUN with EHA


All work and no play…. it just wouldn’t be EHA!

No EHA mission would be complete without a few days spent discovering the beauty of Ethiopia and its neighbors. Every mission is unique and so are the adventures our teams have been on. Be sure to bring your camera gear and your boundless curiosity, because just when you think you’ve had your fill,
you’ll find there’s always more to explore!

  • In Northern Ethiopia, learn about the power play and intrigue at the castles at Gondor. Explore the wonders of the Lalibela stone churches. Spend a day with pelicans on Lake Tana, and hike the historical monasteries in Bahr Dar. Witness the awesome power of the Blue Nile falls.
  • Addis Ababa, the capital city, has its own wonders. You’ll enjoy depth of culture that this cosmopolitan melting pot has to offer. Take a drive up to the monastery at Mount Entoto, or stop at the National Museum of Ethiopia and visit “Lucy.” Immerse yourself in the bustling city life, shopping, food and nightlife. Get cultural with Ethiopian jazz clubs or indigenous restaurants that celebrate regional traditions through music, food and dance. And when it’s time to stop and smell the coffee, make sure you get the full Ethiopian coffee experience — there’s nothing like it!
  • Adama is less than an hour away and it’s a great starting point to explore picturesque Metehara, Awash and Djibouti
  • To the east, go on safari at Awash National Park, take a day trip into the falls or stay overnight and enjoy living in the wild.
  • Head south and discover the Land of the Great Rift Valley Lakes — Langano, Abiata and Shala — while remarkable for its beauty and natural attributes, this area is also the gateway to EHA’s mission sites.
  • Welcome the day at Lake Langano with a glorious sunrise, with its reflection shimmering on the lake like liquid gold. End the day at Lake Shala and Abiata with a visit to the hot springs, take a walk with the wildlife, and don’t forget to take in the fiery sunsets that kiss the day goodbye.
  • Reggae buffs will love taking it easy in Shashemene — the Rastafarian haven this side of Jamaica.
  • Spend a weekend in the unique Italian town of Awassa enjoying the birds, the sociable capuchin monkeys, and the lakeside life at the growing number of five-star hotels.
  • Safaris to Tanzania and Kenya are only a few hours away by plane and adventure packages are available for almost any budget, any time of year.


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