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Hospital of Hope

Negele Arsi was a forgotten shantytown in rural Ethiopia. Until Dr. Gudata Hinika and his wife Wubitu decided to do something radical. Witness the amazing transformation of what was once a trash dump in the middle of town into a life-changing national model of health, opportunity, progress and education in rural Ethiopia.

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H.O.P.E. Builders

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About Kids Helping Kids Heal
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Kids Helping Kids Heal

Meet Betu Wagari, 10 years old

Betu is a 5th grader from Portland. For her summer vacation, Betu decided to do something remarkable. She took it upon herself to make our hospital’s pediatrics rooms more appealing, more comfortable, and more welcoming for our most vulnerable patients: the kids of rural Negele Arsi. “When I came here last year, I noticed that all the rooms looked the same,” she says. “But as a kid, I know that hospital rooms can be scary and uncomfortable. So I wanted the kids to feel as relaxed as possible and make them less scared during their stay.”

I am extremely grateful and proud that the next generation is stepping up for each other.It is inspiring to see so many young volunteers stepping up to serve a purpose larger than themselves. Betu’s work is phenomenal in that she not only showed so much compassion, she did it with so much joy and zeal.Gudata S. Hinika MD, FACS
EHA Founder and Chair
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